Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Marc Marc - Unicum 20 (tape, 1983)

A self-released tape, a whole series, but always in an edition of 1 copy. I only have number 20, and I am not sure if I indexed it right. Marc Marc was an artist from Amsterdam.

not on discogs

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marcmarc said...


Weird to pass by this one after all these years. Some minor corrections: its from 1984 (hench the color coding bars) and I'm still around ;-)

The displayed outfolded cassette label is a transparent sheet filled in with gouche paint as done in the early days for mastering the reproduction sheets of comics.

I do not know what's on the tape (only one 'copy' exists) but, I'm sure its unique.

There should be one or more transparent cards with the tape with graphics showing the electronic setup used for making the recordings.


Marc Marc