Sunday, August 12, 2012

Revista 26 (tape, 1983)

A sort of magazine on tape, dealing with concerts and music from Rotterdam, mainly from a venue called Hal4. Here we have Los Jaivos, O. Olsen, Quando Quango, Corridor Des Affaires, Radeis, Environmental Projects, G. Armes & T. Flitcroft, Assorted Blainisms, Olsen/Werleman/Corridor, Geno Sliwa, Herbert Verhey, Wim de Kiefte. Not overal a great sound qaulity. I have one other issue of this, but none of the others.

Not on discogs


Psy Guy said...

Thanks, some very unusual & beautiful pieces on here

Henk Madrotter said...

Seen quiet a few concerts there in hal 4 way back but none mentioned here, saw einsturzende neubauten there, palais schaumburg, abwaerts and probably some that i've forgotten....

thanks for this one!