Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Second Auschwitz - No Applause!! (tape, WW Tapes 02, 1984)

Live recording in front of an audience of 8 according to the cover. Great more lo-fi punk. Read also my comment, quite important, I'd say

not for sale


433 RPM said...

Recently I have been experiencing problems with Mediafire. People who asked me to re-upload stuff, through e-mail, and which I did, may need to download them immediatly. All of these recent uploads have disappeared. It seems Mediafire is looking closely at these things. I may use wetransfer for private transmisions when asked to re-up. If this continues with Mediafire, then I really have no idea what to do anymore with this blog.

Gary said...

That's really awful.

Have you tried Divshare? I have been using it for a couple of years now and have never had a problem with it. Granted, I have a paid account. But it's not that expensive.

Whatever happens, I hope you're able to keep doing this terrific site.


lizard johnny jewel said...

Like Gary, I hope you just find another file host if (more likely "when" than "if") you get fed up with mediafire.

I don't know what all these hosters are like from an uploader's point of view, but I've come across a few lesser-known ones that seem to be really painless and well-designed. The again, maybe they are terrible for uploaders. I'll keep you in mind and pass you the names when I come across them again. Fat lot of help I am XD