Monday, March 12, 2012

Gorgonzola Legs - Fishwarehouse (tape, Exart 020, 1984)

You can find various releases by the Exart label online, but it seems they all more or less originate from my blog, which is fine. I recently got some more, and start with this one, by Gorgonzola Legs. A quartet of
-Jos Van Duijne: Guitars
-Herman Te Loo: Soprano & Alto Saxophone, Clarinet, Reed, Piano, Pipe, Vocals.
-Gert Jan Prins: Drums, Percussion, Sampling, Keyboards.
-Hessel Veldman: Guitar, Bass Guitar, Piano, Synthesizers, tapes
Largely improvised music in a rock context. Gert-Jan Prins is these days a well-known noise musician. Gorgonzola Legs was one of the first bands to release an independent CD release in The Netherlands

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