Monday, March 5, 2012

Planung (tape, 198?)

I borrowed a small box of tapes, all from The Netherlands, and it has some interesting things, which, obviously, I will post in the next few weeks. Best find, at least that's what I think, is this tape by Planung from Enschede. They had a flexidisc with Vinyl 6 and I posted a tape with two short pieces by two members of this band. But beyond the flexi I never heard any of their music, which was a pity, since I quite enjoyed their rock like improvised music with A Certain Ratio influences, especially in the way they treat their guitars. Perfect Ultra music!

Not on discogs. Frans de Waard's cassette catalogus lists two tapes on Terminal Tapes, 005 'Live' and 009 'Distant Touch', but this tape cover doesn't list a title.

not for sale


yyesod9 said...

Thanks for sharing this great tape !

soundhead said...

Great! Thanks.

frank said...

Thank you. I'm Frank de Munnik, Planung-member, and I didn't have this tape anymore...

With kind regards
Frank de Munnik

433 RPM said...

hi frank
do you have any other tapes then by Planung? send me otherwise an e-mail