Sunday, March 25, 2012

Insecticide (tape, 1983)

A self-released tape by one Rene Paes who uses voices, syn drum, rhythmbox, acoustic and electric guitar, radio, crackle-box, mandoline, toy organs and casio. Quite nice minimal electronic music.

I'm pretty sure this one refers to the same artist, but it doesn't link to the right artist on discogs

not for sale


bX-59cppw said...

...i think that 99% it's the same artist with... ->

433 RPM said...

i think you're right

S.B.H said...

many many thanks!

Jopie said...

Nice to find a release of Insecticide here. It is 100% the same guy listed at Discogs bX-59cppw refers to. Actually it is me.