Friday, March 26, 2010

Swimming Behavior Of The Human Infant - Oroko Do (tape, 198?)

The problem if you don't have originals, you never know for sure if you have the whole thing (well, perhaps with tapes you never know anyway). Discogs lists this a 90 minute tape, so this might either be wrong, or my copied version is shorter, thirty minutes. Anyway, a pretty obscure release by Achim Wollscheid, who was then calling himself SBOTHI, or Swimming Behavoir OF The Human Infant. Pretty noisy stuff

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someone left this comment, which i accidentely refused, sorry about that:

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"Oroko Do" is the title of one of the SBOTHI videos that somebody posted onto YouTube only a few weeks ago along with some other old SELEKTION OPTIK videos. If you dig Achim Wollscheid's xerox art (like I always have), then check out the SBOTHI video called "Hiatus Pt. 2"

thanks for that... this is the film

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That looks familiar ;)
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