Saturday, March 13, 2010

Independent World Vol. 2 (tape, Independent World, 1985)

A compilation with Space Negros, Fetus Productions,, Navastrau, Die Synthetische Wohlfahrt, Jad Fair, Die Form, Ende Shneafliet, Algebra Suicide, Sex Bizarre, James Hill, Leo Marino, Kord Metal, Pink Industry, Geso, Hypnobeat, Mark Piersel. Great music, a bit of shamble presentation wise. We don't have volume 1.

Not for sale


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James Dean Brown said...

Hello there,

great blog, Some of your stuff I still treasure in my files myself while I take pleasure in downloading the other gems. And I am not even surprised to see some of the most obscure (non-)releases emerge every now and then. Like "Independent World" Vol. 2.

Back in 1985/86 I was compiling the second, third and fourth volumes of the planned "Independent World" cassette series. In the end these have never been released due to financial and organizational difficulties, which is an inexcusable default.

Vol. 2 would have been accompanied by 19 xeroxed A4 info/artwork pages, packed in a plastic pocket:

While Vol. 3 would have 24 xeroxed A4 sheets included:

I still own the master tapes of all IW contributions, so I am thinking about putting the comps finally online for free (I know I will probably get in copyright trouble here).

However, Vol. 1 has been officially released by a friend of mine in 1985:

Keep on digging.