Thursday, March 25, 2010

Organum - Pulp/Icon (tape, 1983)

Discogs: David Jackman is the man behind the sounds. He has been working in the field of musical experimentation and improvisation for over 25 years. His early work, documented in scores as well as performances with Scratch Orchestra, offers only a glimpse of the drone-based dynamics that would appear later. While his last 15 years have been dedicated to the music of Organum, Jackman's future plans include more work on independent solo projects.

On the excellent website devoted to Organum we find this about this cassette release
Entry 4:14 Pulp | Icon
Artist Organum
Label :: Cat# no label :: no catalogue number
Country :: Year UK :: 1983 (mid)
Format Cassette album :: black & white photocopies inlay
Edition 9 copies only [each one is a unique performance]
Tracks Side A :: Pulp
Side B :: Icon

This was the first ever appearance of the name ‘Organum’. Black & white cover with an ‘X’ motif over scratched monoprint background. The word ‘Organum’ appears on the cassette spine. Track titles appear on the inside of the cover. The cassette is a standard Sony CHF C30 cassette tape with a small yellow, round label with the number n/100 on the bottom left of side A, where n is a number between 1 and 9. Originally 100 were intended, but the project only got as far as number 9. Just one copy was sold. Copy numbers 1 and 9 were used as the basis of Kanroku (see entry 1:11). The sounds were derived from 6 linked square-wave oscillators custommade by David Jackman. All sounds by David Jackman. The tapes were recorded on a stereo cassette deck and monitored using headphones.

Not for sale (not transferred from an orginal)


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