Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Andrew Chalk - Crescent (tape, ICR 21, 1986)

Back in the 80s I had a friend who used to make copies of tape releases for me, and its perhaps not entirely the right thing I should do on this blog, I decided to transfer a few of the more interesting ones, which are, as far as I can judge, pretty complete musicwise and perhaps cover wise. The first one is this one by Andrew Crescent, his first solo release following his work as Ferial Confine. He has also worked with David Jackman, Christoph Heeman, Giancarlo Toniutti, Darren Tate and others. Looking at discogs it seems that this early cassette version is different than the later CD version released by Robot Records.

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ruapeh said...

great thanks!

Notice Recordings said...

Yeah really. Thanks. This is an amazing tape. I never heard any of his early stuff. Only the albums on Faraway Press, which I actually don't care for much. This release is much more carefully composed and seems to hold a lot more purpose, both aesthetically and aurally. And although Faraway Press has this "rural" approach when crafting their releases, this music is far more rural, rustic, timeless, etc. Great collection of sounds. I would LOVE to hear more of his cassettes. Any others ??

433 RPM said...

nope, sorry. that's it.