Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Work - LIve In AJZ (tape, Edition Unbeirrt, 1981)

Well-know post Henry Cow band with: Bill Gilonis (guitar, bass, singing) Mick Hobbs (bass, guitar, drums, ukelele, singing), Rick Wilson (drums, singing, bass), Tim Hodgkinson (singing, saxophone, keyboards, hawaiian guitar). This tape might sound like a bootleg, but it looks like an office release of a concert in Zurich, Switzerland, 24.8.1981.

Not for sale



antiguoautomata said...

great great post !!

Unknown said...

I'm pretty sure it is a bootleg. It was not promoted/produced by the band, although in those days this was tolerated or not discouraged by the band. It was sold by Recommended Records in Zurich (who, I suppose were somehow behind the organisation of the concert and of the taping) ....

Thank you for posting it. Albeit a bit short, it represents well the early days of the Work ... the music is fantastic