Friday, February 5, 2010

Discordia Dancefloor (tape, Illuminated, 198?)

Perhaps more a showcase of this label, who was primarily into releasing vinyl of rhythm oriented groups, but the inclusion of Portion Control's 'Raise The Pulse' is always good, a personal favorite here. Also 23Skidoo, Dormanny, 400 Blows, Data, Days At Sea and Poppy Fields.

Not for sale



W. said...

This is great, do you happen to have "In-Car Entertainment" which was on Illuminated as well?

433 RPM said...

nope, sorry.


the saucer people said...

Huge thanks for sharing all these amazing tapes and a young teenager growing up in the early eighties my economic spending power was limited to the money generated by delivering newspapers so my main source was taping the John Peel show, Crass Records label releases (and other anarcho bands inspired by the 'pay no more than...' ethos) and of course diy tapes via scrappy A6 lettraset flyers stuffed into fanzines...and of course for each tape package that would arrive, there would be literature advertising another dozen tapes!!!

Wish I had kept them all am glad that there were people out there who were not a stupid as me and kept their collections....I never thought I would ever hear the Illuminated sampler tape in my lifetime so huge thanks to whoever supplied the tape and of course to you for hosting and posting!

W. said...

Likewise, saucer people.

It's fantastic; the generosity and commitment...

Really, really appreiacted.