Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Utilisation Du Vieux Port/La Fondation - A Corps Bilateraux (tape, 1982)

A pretty obscure tape submitted by Dr. Freakowitz, after triple checking it wasn't anywhere else, because we don't want to treat on any one toes, do we? This Fondation is not the same band as I posted before, that was Fondation. This band still has a website. From Utilisation Du Vieux Port we just know a few contributions to compilations, which actually seem Dutch. A pretty nice tape indeed, with artwork scans.

Not for sale



Curious Guy said...

Vinyl 3/1984 geeft nog de volgende UdVP tapes:
UdVP/Sol Diese - Realisme & Simulation
UdVP/Sol Diese - 122 Actualit├ęs Minute
Beide voornamelijk gemaakt door kernlid Sol Diese.

Anonymous said...

hey there,

i'm about to sell this release and it should read "Sol Diese - Realism & Simulation", imho. i have this release, http://www.discogs.com/Sol-Diese-R%C3%A9alisme-Simulation/release/1464836, and the picture on ur post is what it says on the inside of the cover. only thing is ... the cover is in black and the writing in silver. just thought i'd mention that.

i like the post!!

c ya, Yvan

warinababylone said...


I recorded the songs Fruit Primeur on the marseille radio.
I lost the tape a long time ago.
Thank you!!!!!