Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hapunkt Fix - Fix It! (tape, Bloedvlag Produkt, 198?)

From Discogs: "Harald Fix. German (mail)artist, musician and performance artist. He started recording in the very early 1980s. His trademark were cut-up and musique concrete, often with field recordings and found noises. He recorded under his artist name "Hapunkt Fix" or "Hapunkt Fliegenstrumpf" or "Hapunkt Fliegenstrumpf Fix". (Hapunkt translate "H-point", Fliegenstrumpf translates "Flies-sock"), as well as "Sulo".
He was part of the intense but shortlived performance group "Rockgruppe Hass Auf Den Kapitalismus" (translated: Rockgroup Hatred Against Capitalism" with Guido Hübner and Graf Haufen. He joined the Neoist movement and recorded as Monty Cantsin, as well as White Colours. He selfpublished his field recordings collage from the 9th Neoist Festival in Ponte Nossa Italy on a limited edition cassette. Together with his then girlfriend Doro Benditz he recorded as Weird Scenes. He participated in various music by mail projects with international artists. One of his art projects was to machine scratch records and sell them in handmade covers. It was called "Projekt Denaturierter Tonträger". He even performed live with these records. He also worked on radio plays with his friends. He died in 2002 at the age of 38, after a long illness.

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Ivácson András Áron said...

hello there.

I downloaded this tape and instantly fell in love with it, which is why I want to ask you if you know where I could find some more. I searched the net and Discogs lists to other albums, but I haven't been able to find any of those anywhere. I would appreciate any help.


433 RPM said...

well, i'm sorry, but this is the only i have (borrowed)


Ivácson András Áron said...

hm. thanks for this one then, keep up the good work, your blog is great. a lot of interesting sounds.

Unknown said...

http://soundcloud.com/vikberl/weird-scenes-massmurder Here´s a weird tune, i recorded (me on vocals) with Hapunkt in the late 80ies in West-Berlin.

Anonymous said...

and here is yet annother one: the H-Punkt Fix wet mix.