Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Kurt Schwitters - Anna Blume (tape, Komista, 19??)

I know there is an ongoing discussion wether there exists a recording of Kurt Schwitters reciting his famous Dada poem 'Anna Blume', and I am not sure if this is it. I borrowed this tape, along with pretty much everything else I'm posting this month from a good friend, so I'd thought I'd better share this as well.

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Ivácson András Áron said...

I am quite familiar with the works of Schwitters, I wrote a thesis about him a few years earlier, but from what I hear on this tape is The Ursonate. The Anna Blume is a poem using coherent sentences built of words, while this is sound poetry. Also the length of the reading correlates with the length of the various Ursonate readings I heard. Just thought I share my info, as neither have I heard a reading of Anna Blume, especially by the Man himself, so naturally I was a bit skeptic. Also, If you want to listen to readings of the Ursonate, you will find a few on UBUWEB.

Take care.

stefan said...

Of course, the track on this tape is Schwitters "Ursonate". Under the following link, published by a german radio station, you can hear a reading of "Anna Blume" by the author himself:


Best regards from Hannover

GX Jupitter-Larsen said...

Thanks for that radio link Stefan!