Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Electroacoustic Music In Nagoya Vol. 1 1990 (tape, Hyper Music Laboratory, 1990)

Serious electronic music from Japanese composers: Takashi Izumi, Atzki Tsutisumi, Hidemori Yamane, Takehiko Tanimura, Koujin Takahashi, Azusa Takeuchi and Mitsuaki Narita.

On a different note: I re-uploaded Nasmak 'Indecent Exposure 3 and 4', 2 will follow shortly. Ende Schneafliet's Staalplaat tape has been removed by request of the musicians.

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dsjkvf said...

they are brilliant, thank you.

any chance for vol.2?

433 RPM said...

if there is a volume 2, I don't have it (yet)


Any Instant said...

"Nasmak - Indecent Exposure 2" would be very very nice. thank you!