Monday, January 4, 2010

Richard Franecki - She Goes A Little Mad Sometimes (tape, Generations Unlimited, 1988)

Richard Franecki is perhaps best known as the main man of experimental space rock bands F/i and Vocokesh, but he also has a few solo works of his own. More electronic, using a variety of old analogue synthesizers, but also spacious. There is also a 7" with the same title on Stomache Ache Records, but I'm not sure how they relate to this cassette, but perhaps its taken from this cassette.

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litlgrey said...

Franecki is an elusive human, but he is still one of my heroes!

Here's a secret... Franecki was a Moog modular guy... I'm the one who piqued his interest in Buchla gear after I had acquired an Electric Music Box Series 200 in a silver suitcase, with modules dating anywhere from 1968-1970. Most of it never worked right. Franecki became a Buchla modular maniac and wound up with an amazing collection of modules... the kind that worked! Stable oscillators, quad voltage mixer... all sorts of lovelies.