Thursday, October 8, 2009

Steve Moore - The Return Of The Poet (tape, Mirage Records, 1984)

As promised almost a year ago, here is the second psost dealing with music of Steve Moore, his first release from 1984. More information (including the same tape I posted, without knowing) and a LP can be downloaded here and here. Great electronic music in the classical sense of the word.

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Anonymous said...

Always a pleasure to hear more from this extraordinary composer. The track 'Birth of Venus' is particularly well crafted, yet mysterious throughout. Thanks for this one.

Godard said...

Lovely to see this gem here, as continuo said always a pleasure, thanks also!

Oozlum said...

Thank you! The Henge & Demo 2003 available on oozlum!

433 RPM said...

well V! obviously a different steve moore.


Oozlum said...

Yes, you are correct. Mirage Records 1984, Relapse records 2007...sorry about the misunderstanding..