Friday, October 23, 2009

Dojoji (tape, Simple Tapes SP 004, 1983)

Quite some time ago I posted a 12" by Dojoji. Here is the tape that I think was released before that. The line up here is Pien Selleger (bass), Ferdinand Rolle (drums), Hans Rath (saxophone), Ted Langenbach (bass, percussion), Byou Boolec on voice and Ron Louers on percussion. The quality of the music on the a-side is not great, but the funky energy makes up a lot.

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CHEZ PUGET said...

this is so good!
thank you

CHEZ PUGET said...

and who is Byou Boolec? i haven't been able to find out anything about her

433 RPM said...

how am i supposed to know? I know as much as you do on this. it's what it says on the cover.

CHEZ PUGET said...

jesus. sorry.

pascal titi said...

More info; i played with hans rath in a band later. And of course Ted Langenbach became world famous in Rotterdam later on by organising parties en being a trendy person.