Sunday, October 4, 2009

Act Of God - Kringloop (tape, Kubus Kommunikaties KK 018, 1983)

And in contrast of what some of thought, this blog didn't end with that Seventh Dimension Quasette thing, but it was how it would have ended if it was only for my own material. I may have a handful of things to post, from now this blog dwells on submitted material, from Tabarnac, EU Records, Dr. Freakowitz or a nice box of 61 tapes I borrowed today from someone who is a phd -literally. Dr Freakowitz delivered a nice box of tapes on my doorstep a month ago, of I'm posting Act Of God today. A short tape, and not very Kubus like, by Hayo den Boeft and Martin Sandberg van Boelens. The latter we posted before, his tape on Decay Int, and Den Boeft is the man behind The Love Choir, Friends In Low Places and the Decay Int. label. Crazy, hectic, nervous music. 'Kringloop' means 'recycling'.

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