Saturday, February 21, 2009

The H.E.S.S. Group/Kopfschmerztablette (tape, Clockwork Tapes, 19??)

Behind Kopfschmerztablette was one Micheal Wurzer and behind The H.E.S.S. Group we find Bart Hanselaar of whom we posted music and releases before. A pretty noise release. I am looking for some releases on this label, which aren't mentioned on discogs, like '3 Into 1', a small series of compilations. Anyone can help, please?



Anonymous said...

Have been looking for this one for a very long time, thanks for bringing this one up

Anonymous said...

As long as I am not on Alzheimer I remember there have been released 2 of the serie "1 into 3" and the 3rd one was half completed but not released.

Markus Schwill

433 RPM said...

on alzheimer sounds like a drug... if you have these 2 can you send them to me as mp3/320 or wav?