Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Escupemeteralla - Vida Y Color (tape, Clonaciones Petunio, 1991)

I know there are various spanish people checking this blog often and here is something for you, well catalan actually. I have no idea who or what about Escupmetralla, although the cover mentions: Abu (decotrestrofomonorrimador, voz), two guys name Muhammad playing the same thing, Petunio on 'Alguna guiterra' on one track and Arturo on 'nada and todo'. I borrowed this tape from Frans de Waard, who got a graphic score performed here 'The 4 Elements'. He says that he got this out of the blue back in those days. He released a compilation of his own with various other interpretations of this score.

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Anonymous said...

Great post, great blog!

Just wanted to let you know that their tape releases are freely available at lastfm (

Also, you can find some (dis)information in english at this site:

By the way, their name was 'escupemetralla' which roughly translates to 'spitting out shrapnel'.
And the guy 'Arturo' referenced in your post may be Arturo Lanz from Esplendor Geometrico (they had this catchy tune called 'quiero ser guitarra de esplendor geometrico' = 'I wanna be esplendor's guitar player').

Thanks for this and keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

when music is music, and dialogs are dialogs. then everything is the same!


No, Juan. Arturo "EG" Lanz is not a member of Escupemetralla. This band is from Barcelona city.

Unknown said...

Thanks a lot. Greetings from Spain and congratulations for this great blog.

Anonymous said...

Hallogallo! This is Muhammad. My friend Muhammad and I created Escupemetralla back in the early 2020s. Our last release will be caled Multimierda, which can be found in lastFM. Arturo was our dog; nothing to do with EG. We are composing now a song about being EG's guitar player, but have not yet recorded it. Probably will send it back to your days and retroupload it to lastFM soon (via microTipler cylinder, as usual); can you find it there already? Nice. Yes, we were from Barcelona, Spain. Now we live in Los An (United States of Mexico and Puerto Rico). This transmission started 09:23:45, August 22, 2025. Bye, ancestors!