Friday, February 20, 2009

Toy Bizarre/Action Concret - Isolation Studies (tape, First Circle, 1996)

One of the more 'recent' tapes in my collection is this one by Toy Bizarre, also known as Cedric Peyronnet, a composer from France. I got this since I liked some of his works on CD and CDRs.

"In june 1985, I decided to work under the name of Toy Bizarre, while my best friend and I were recording crickets singing in a pit along a small countryside road, in the sunset. His father's old tape recorder was in fact so bad that we were just able to hear a small frequency part of the hypnotic insects rhythm between the clouds of hiss.
Back at home, I decided to go on recording, put on tape every little sound of my environment, of the sonic world I was surrounded by. I still do it. My actual work is focused on "places", its characteristics and its sound components. So the goal of all my sound compositions is to explore a place: it could be a chain of mountains, a square meter of grass, a beach, a marshalling yard, a hydroelectric powerstation... Each time the process is the same: recording all the typical sounds of the place (well, for me), then to compose sound pieces only with these sounds, through a sound sculpture process. So we can say that each one of these pieces is the sonic reflection of the place." -- C.Peyronnet

On this old release Peyornnet uses sound material by Action Concret, whoever they might be. It already shows his fine methods in creating music with lots of silence and musique concrete.



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