Sunday, February 1, 2009

Gramschap (2LP, Gramschap, 1987)

More politics, punk and poetry on this 2LP set released by Dutch irregular magazine Gramschap. They released mainly 7"s (most famously by The Ex) and lengthy political stuff. Lots of this album are in Dutch (of course), but perhaps you find it interesting. This is another from the McDoomey LTD collection. Including: IJsbrand Koudvuur, Dolf, Eddie Kagie, Rob de Reus & IF, Diana Ozon, Dorpsoudste De Jong & Terrie, Simon S. Mussenoog, Aja, Luc Willem, Steef Davidson, Cassie Wijle, Thomas White, Bronbag, Van Zanten (de), Nico van Apeldoorn, Kers, Joop Maes, Marcel Schmidt, Wil Schakman, A. Noname, I. Kaplanas, Piet van Dijk, Tjarkhof The Psychotic, Gerrit Gerardus.


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Anonymous said...

And don't forget to mention the similarities between GRAMSCHAP and IJBIER. I'm referring here to the schmalzy dutch classic 'JE LOOG TEGEN MIJ' made famous by a group called PRINTING MATTERS.