Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Business Unusual (LP, Cherry Red red 2, 1978)

with: UK Subs, Leyton Buzzards, The Outcasts, Dave Goodman & Friends, The Outsiders, The Record Players, Vice Creems, The Dole, The Tights, Skunks, Thomas Leer, Robert Rental, Throbbing Gristle, Cabaret Voltaire. Came originally with the Zig Zag guide to independent labels, which was basically a kind of discogs on paper, I think. I have the magazine, but couldn't find it right now. Maybe it came with a later version of this record. Anyway I guess most of these pieces were released before as 7", but this a nice advertisement for them. From the McDoomey LTD collection, so not for sale (which means 'not for sale, so there is no need to ask if its for sale'. The age of internet has made that people are bad readers and quick askers - it in general has made a lot of information available for a lot of people who simply aren't skilled (enough) to take in a massive amount of information. I'm rambling, right? And, ok, I can't read myself, as the title is 'Business Unusual', but I made the wrong tags saying it's called 'Business As Usual', stupidity is contagious.



Anonymous said...

Several classic (even genre-spawning) tracks: TG's "United", CV's "Headkick", Outsiders is Adrian Sherwood's first project + Leer and Rental. And the Outcasts and Subs tracks are good solid punk.

Andre said...

Adrian Borland (The Sound), not Adrian Sherwood (the later dub/remix king).

I remember that this album was very cheap and you'd see it everywhere. Side 2 is still great.

mutantsounds said...

one of the first records in my collection and still one of my favs(though i managed to get all the
7" included). Side 2 is great and somewhat foretells the next few years (1979 and forth) great post punk/new wave sound.Side a ,on the other hand, is one of the greatest examples of UK DIY/punk sound. Fav songs on side A:the record players's M.O.R. and vice creems's 00101212.side 2:Thomas Leer's private plane and (of course)TG's United.
Jim Mutantsounds