Wednesday, January 26, 2011

De Fabriek - Untitled (tape, De Fabriek, 19??)

An obscure De Fabriek release ripped Dr. Freakowitz. No further information on this release.

Not for sale



kingpossum said...

Bless you Dr. Freakowitz and 433 RPM! Rare stuff from DF is always much appreciated.

And belated thanks for the Dr. Freakowitz singles series too--there are some brilliant gems bouncing around in those collections...

Jopie said...

Thanks for this suprising set of untitled Fabriek tracks. They sound so familiar to me; I might have played on some of the tracks, don't know yet for sure. I have sure heard the recordings in the living rooms of the makers, or was present during the recordings; these tracks originate somewhere in time at 1980 - 1981.