Monday, January 31, 2011

10 Jaar S.P.M.J. Rhythmsticks (tape, 1989)

This was the cassette to celebrate the 10th anniversary of SPMK Rhythmsticks, a stage or organisation, from The Netherlands. With music by Eton Crop, Disease, Amsterdamned, Pierino, Antidote, Oh Dev, Incredible Bagwan Orchestra, Kobus Gaat Naar Appelscha, Swampsurfers, Spivs, Indirekt, Gonzo & Kenau's, Conspiracy Of Silence, Artquake, Dull Schicksal, Grabbits, Kikkerspuug, Bunglers, Trockener Kecks, A-Butz, Ivy Green, President Fetch, Shith, Vernon Walters, Outrageous, Dactaris, Anarcrust.

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Anonymous said...

To be exact; the concerts were in 'Cafe De Vier Winden' a nice place in Spierdijk/Noord-Holland with a bowling. I think the organisation SPMJ (where would that stand for?)Rhythmsticks organised a lot of concerts there for a few years. Great place! A pity it doesn't exist anymore! If you wanna go out in Spierdijk nowadays, it's either De Huisartsenpraktijk, De Verloskundigenpraktijk or Automobielbedrijk Floris.

Niels said...

Nice bit of local (for me) history! Just one thing: all of side 2 seems to run too fast, something like 3 semitones in places! (the Vernon Walters song that we used to play in E is now in G)
The Rhythmsticks people still organize the yearly On(w)ijs festival, loads of cool bands played there.

433 RPM said...

no doubt an error when copying cassettes, and not a digital error.