Sunday, January 2, 2011

Alex Schiavi - Dietro Le Quinte (tape, Alpa 101, 19??)

Electronic music, quite sweet stuff. This guy was also in bands as Cemento Jazz Group and Stardust Orchestra

From Eu Records


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433 RPM said...

message received from Schiavi:

Dear Sir,
I see my old cassette on your blog.
Thanks a lot.
Let me give more infromation about me.
Italian, Musician, performer and I run also two music schhols in Milan (Italy)
Still in business with the music as guitarist and experimentalist.
My site:
Siten of my schools:
If you want to send your name and your address I´ll send you (free of charge) more of my lastests music productions.
Regards, ad happy new Year.
Milan, 2 of january of 2011

P.s. Dietro le Quite I did in 1988.
Homage to the Japan culture, as you can imagine.
Thank you.