Friday, July 23, 2010

Tot Geil (tape, Gegentakt 01, 198?)

This might be the same Gerd Neumann who was also a member of Non Toxique Lost? I am not sure.

A lot of posts today, since I will be on a mountain trip as of tomorrow until sunday the 1st and I want you to download on a day and look surprised, as always. Comments are moderated and will only appear if I ok them. So also not in the next week.

From Eu Records



T.poem said...

This was and still is the one and only constant member of Non Toxique Lost. Unfortunatelly his contributions to this compilation are missing in the archive file.

433 RPM said...

there is nothing missing from the tape I ripped for this. as far as i know this is not a compilation. all music is there

T.poem said...

Hi there,

the archive file contains only the audio material of He and Stephphen, the sounds of Gerd Neumann aka Sea Wanton are missing. I'm sure 'cause I once did this tape.


433 RPM said...

that might be, but again: all the music i found on this particular copy of the release are in this zip. i didn't omit anything

RevSchroedter said...

Because I felt like it: I think there is a misunderstanding here. This appears to be a compilation. It's called "Totgeil". Artists and tracks are, as on the label:

Side A:

Gerd Neumann - "Deutsche Volksmusik Kann Man Nicht Kommerzialisieren"
Gerd Neumann - "Die, Die Uns Vergnügen"
Gerd Neumann - "Ich Habe Nichts Gegen Max Greger"
He - "Rhytmus 1981"

Side B:

Stephphen - "Stück 001"

The archive contains Side A and B as 2 unindexed tracks. Unfortunately it appears that Side A is labeled "Stephphen" and Side B "He". It should, if anything be the other way around. Basically, "Stephphen" contains Side A (Yes, including the tracks by Gerd Neumannn) and "He" is Side B. It is complete though.

Most importantly it's all good stuff so thanks T.Poem for working on this and 433 RPM for posting it.

And because I love you both, here is a link to what I believe to be a correctly cut and indexed version (since I was doing this anyway):