Monday, July 12, 2010

Dub Organiser - I've Got A Weapon (12", Play Hard, 1988)

From Dr. Freakowitz an obscure 12" by Dub Organiser, also known as Paul Haig, once the singer of Josef K, and in the very early days the first post on this blog, which enters its fourth year of existence tomorrow. Music along the lines of On-U-Sound

Not for sale


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nimmen said...

it is one the best blogs i have found.
all things posted here are very appreciated (made some really nice discoveries).
it was nice suprise that helped, good seller, bought few very rare items from him at reasonable prices, would recommend to anyone.
i do hate social networking and similar things, so i do not write comments most of the time, but...

i have huge respect for people who were involved in this blog, congratulations with fourth anniversary, hope you can sit and have a drink, thinking about huge amount of good things you did here (and there, and maybe will do).