Friday, July 9, 2010

Dominion - Where Muses Dwell (tape, K.O. City Studio, 1985)

Andy Szava Kovats was Dominion, and also Data Bank A and playing as he describes it: "Dominion - for the dark, yet ethereal, ambient material, this solo project incorporates influences from Eno to Xymox". 'Where Muses Dwell' was his first release as Dominion.

From Eu Records



litlgrey said...

Oh yeah, I remember this now.

Shadow said...

do you can upload the next 2 tapes about of: dominion:

1-the oracle(cassette)-1986

2-melting the emerald city(cassette)-1988

thnx a lot!!

433 RPM said...

i do not can not, as i no have them

Anonymous said...

this is fantastic, thank you.