Sunday, July 4, 2010

A.M.A.S. - Abbe Martine Arbiste Songs (tape, 19??)

Noise music from Canada from a musician called Pier. Side A and B together as one long track.

From Eu Records



elmer68 said...

I love this. I do wish you had divided up into the tow sides of the tape, but that is moin compliant. My favorite parts are the loop of the barking dog and the Jerry Lewis telethon clip turned obscene tirade. A great glipse into analog/tape era looping.

recu-pier said...

Well, thank's for listening to my first release, the date is 1984, There's only 100 copies (original with hand print K7 label and a photomontage (collage) fold-in. If you have a different version, well it's a bad copy (unauthorised) like i've seen back then at the Kensington market U.K.

Unfortunatly I was unable to download from your link my own release, I wish some one can send me an MP3 one day.

contact Recu-Pier at ;

IVA MORGAN said...

I have number 040 of the 100 copies of the tape
Is any body interested. ?