Sunday, March 31, 2019

Debiele Eenheid (cassette, 198?)

more Rotterdam madness, a bit hardcore, a bit free jazz

not on discogs, i think


tane said...

Thank you, it is truly wonderful to see you back with the mysterious obscure cassettes

Henk Madrotter said...

Debiele Eenheid :)

So... It's 1981, Queens Day and punk bands in the centre of Rotterdam, Beurstrappen.... The Debiele Eenheid!!! Singer Jorem (Krank Jorem) is completely naked with only a small fishnet wrapped around him, basically completely naked with an enormous strap on dildo strapped on, covered in chocolate pasta and shaving foam screaming in the microphone, Deeply shocked parents pass by holding papers and what ever is at hand in the front of their small kids faces so they won't be traumatized and scarred for life :)

Basically a typical Debiele Eenheid Performance... In that same year they somehow managed to play as a supporting act for Herman Brood in a posh club. Beforehand Mario Stror, the bass player, put peanut butter in his butt crack and during the show Jorem would scoop whole hands out of peanut butter out of Mario's butt crack and eat them, people in the audience would walk away vomiting :)

The were THE wildest punk band in Rotterdam, for years, and what a lot of people don't realize is that all of them were incredible musicians.... Mario, who for years went by the name Snowball Johnny was an accomplished blues man, unfortunately he died a few ago from hepatitus, he was a good friend.... In the late 70's he did some time for bank robberies and shooting at the American and German consulate, that's how they caught him, he placed telephone calls saying that these shootings were for revenge for the killing of Andreas Baader and Ulricke Meinhoff in Stanheim prison in Germany.... He was the sweetest guy you can imagine and I still feel sorry for having missed his burial (I'm living in Indonesia since '96).... Guitar player Frank (Frank Zinnig), excellent guitar player now goes by the name Janine, part-time transvestite and still often performs, singer Jorem is also a tranvestite, he's not all that active anymore as far as I know but he was heavily involved with the release of a Debiele Eenheid album on vinyl, old recordings, a few months back.... There were always different drummers, in the beginning mostly Ron Verbeek and Lange Bert but later Karel Dopps was their drummer for years.... And I know that when they reformed in the 90's with Jorem as the only original band member the guy playing drums used to be in Anacrust....

The punkest of all Rotterdam punk bands (and we had a few). The only other band that comes close to these guys in Rotterdam punk history was Visse-punk, they used to throw buckets of rotting fish in the audience,m never saw them, that was just before my time, a year, maybe two....

Thanks for this cassette!!!

Trobar Clus said...

Many thanks.