Monday, March 25, 2019

Discussiestukken Van De Stalinistische School (cassette, WW Tapes WC 11, 198?)

I posted quite a bit of tapes by Dutch punk band Second Auschwitz, the band of Jan van den Einden. He was very active in the first half of the 80s in Helmond, a small Dutch city down south. He was also a writer and recorded a bunch of Dada inspired spoken word tapes. I guess that is where this comes in; people talking about communism and a bit of music from old records. Is it serious? I wouldn't know. Not on Discogs. Released on Van Den Eijnden's own WW Tapes. His letters were always very insulting and very funny. I wonder what became of him!

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Unknown said...

Interesting post, I'll scope it out. Thanks!