Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Zelfkrant 1 (tape, 198?)

Nice compilation with Golden Strings, The Gentry, Heibel, Core Of Reality, Asbestos Rockpyle, Buy Off The Bar, EA80, Indirekt, Deadly Serious, Dawn Of Liberty, Eton Crop, Ampachen, The Dog Needles, MBP and Emotional Blackmail. Zelfkrant was a fanzine, which I never saw.
I was away last week, and lost the USB thingy which had the posts for that week, so everything came at once. Now I should be back on track

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brt schfs said...

Zelfkrant was a very well-written fanzine, which was also known for its absolute horror vacui. Where other fanzines left at least some breathing space now and then, Steven (aka Swat) managed to cram everything together, then reduce it 200 times on a xerox machine to cram it even more :)
Thanks for posting this, I think he made another compilation that was in support of the badgers, if I remember it well. He played in a band too, Deadly Serious, which was some sort of a hiphop/punk project he did with his girlfriend and his cousin (?).
Lost track of Steven long ago, hope he's doing well.

Anonymous said...

"Such file does not exist or it has been removed for infringement of copyrights." zegt de link

en ik dacht lekker lui te zijn en mijn eigen cassettekes voortaan allemaal door u te laten digitaliseren :-)

433 RPM said...

en je kan niet lezen ook: report broken links through e-mail not comments. wat precies begrijp je daar niet van?

Anonymous said...

"Vriendelijke mensen rule!"
Arthur Core