Friday, November 12, 2010

Die Kleenex - Spielen (tape, 198?)

"Originally called "Kleenex", this Swiss band had to change their name in order to avoid legal trouble with the tissue manufacturers. This all-girl-band (mostly) with a very energetic and original sound was considered by some as a sort of "the new Slits". After a few records and various personal and musical changes they split in the early 80's". Bootleg live recording, not dated.

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Kurt said...

Awesome post.

Anonymous said...

WOW. Thank you!!!

shortwavemusic said...

Here's what I can make out of the track listing, incidentally.

1. You
2. Nighttoad
3. Hedi's Head
4. ??
5. Madness
6. ??
7. Nice
8. Ain't You
9. ?? / Thumblerdoll
10. ??
11. [same as 10]
12. Beri-Beri

martinf said...

According to the book from guitar player Marlene Marder the tape is from 1979 and recorded at the Concordia in Z├╝rich/Switzerland