Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Rattus (tape, BCT 8, 1983)

Finnish hardcore punk band. Recordings are from 1982-3, but I am not sure if it was released then.

Not for sale



planaria said...

looks like it was 1984

the saucer people said...

Damn! I was gonna be all smartass over the Rattus tape and say it was released in 1984 but Planaria beat me to it!

I remember seeing them live a few times when they came over to the UK to play and if memory serves they made home grown punk/metal crossover outfits like Amebix/Anti-Sect/Discharge sound like they were performing acoustic folk songs...heavyasfuck....infact it is only Motorhead, The Swans, early PTV and a particularly loud Shamen Synergy tour gig around 91 that was any louder....

It is so strange to see tapes I used to play to death as a teenager but long disappeared down my personal memory hole suddenly triggering anamnesis...this blog is simply wonderful and do thank Dr. Freakowitz for the amazing vinyl!