Saturday, October 30, 2010

Thatcher On Acid - Live & Demo's (tape, YURA Live tape, 1985)

Various bits of live recordings and demo's from this UK (?) punkband. Not the best quality recording, and unindexed.

Not for sale


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the saucer people said...

Yeah Thatcher On Acid were an English punk band emerging out the All The Madmen record label of the eighties anarcho-punk scene here in the UK...The Mob, Blyth Power and The Astronauts are other bands kinda loosely aligned with this Southern England scene...all produced wonderful music that did not conform to the tired three-chord anarcho-punk thrash of the time.

As an old anarcho-punk I had all these records but sadly are long hold of yr vinyl/cds otherwise your middle-aged self will be very annoyed with you ;)