Monday, October 25, 2010

The Cardinal Of Splendour - War And Sea (tape, Varney Music, 19??)

More from this dutch gothic band

From Eu Records


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One Olivier Strahl wanted to post this comment:

"The Cardinal Of Splendour" was the first solo effort of Richard van
Krysdijk, former drummer for Lament. After some tape releases he
changed his name to Blindfold and released his first CD "Earshot" on
the now defunct label "Unclean Production". In 1992 he joined the
german industrial band "Phallus Dei". Later he formed "Sonar Lodge"
and "Strange Attractor" (with Niels Van Hoorn of The Legendary Pink
Dots) and is a member of the dutch project "B.E.A.M. Orchestra" as
well. Currently he works on a new album with "Phallus Dei" ( ).