Monday, October 18, 2010

Gadget - Joyful Noise (tape, Corpoil Productions, 1987)

Maybe some religious band? 'all psalms are read from The New International Version'. Unindexed. Electronic music.

From Eu Records



Marc Plainguet said...

I'm actually writing to thank you for posting my first release as Gadget. Yeah, I was a Christian back them, though not a conservative psychotic born-again type. My spirituality is open and free now, but I'm still proud of the noise I made back then even though it's primitive. I'm a regular follower of your blog and was pleasantly surprised to see my stuff posted. Thanks again! - Marc Plainguet

433 RPM said...

glad you like the post!


Unknown said...

hey wow. i heard a track from this album on the regeneration radio station and went look for downloads of it and here it was on YOUR site! i am a regular (though recent) follower of your blog so it was cool to see this here! thanks
and thanks marc for making this!

Jeani Bond said...

It's Corpqii Productions...Also check out another Gadget release "Gnashing of Teeth."