Saturday, September 4, 2010

Audio Art Volume 6 Numbers 2 & 3 (Audio Arts, 5 tapes, 1985)

A massive post this one: five tapes and a booklet. Two tapes are the regular issues of Audio Arts (see also here), with artists talking about their work and some music. On the regular edition (Volume 6 Number 2) you'll find Richard Strange, Rose Garrard, Suan Hiller, Glenn Branca, Liliane Lijn, Maggi Hambling, AR Penck, Sharon Morris, Art School Bands, Sound on Sound, Richard Strange, Sonia Knox and on Volume 6 Number 3 Wndy Chambers, Steve Rogers, Mary Tierney, Edward Koch, Kazoophony, Christopher Price, Charlie Morrow, John Cage, Joan La Barbarbara, Annea Lockwood, Roselee Goldberg, Bob George. Three supplement cassettes came with this 10th anniversary edition: an interview with Joseph Beuys, Francesco Clemente talking and 'recordings from London's alternative club scene by Stephen Willats. More, older (and smaller) issues later.
You don't have to leave comments if its only to say: why on depositfiles or why not split in 1,2,3 etc files. It is what it is.

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