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Au Pairs - Live 1983 (tape, 1983)

Another live recording from Au Pairs, according to the tape cover their last concert. I have no idea where this was recorded. From wikipedia: "The Au Pairs were a post-punk band who formed in Birmingham in 1979. Music historian Gillian G. Gaar noted in her history of women in rock that the band mingled male and female musicians in a revolutionary collaborative way as part of its outspoken explorations of sexual politics. Their first album Playing with a Different Sex is considered a post-punk classic with strong, sarcastic songs like "It's Obvious" and "We're So Cool" taking a dry look at gender relations. Other songs, such as "Armagh" with its refrain,"we don't torture" took a pro-republican look at the then ongoing "Troubles" in Northern Ireland, which caused some controversy at the time. The band's second album, Sense and Sensuality, showed an even greater influence of jazz, soul, funk and disco on the band's sound, but was less well received.[citation needed] The band broke up in 1983 just before they were about to go into the studio to record an album with producer Steve Lillywhite. Woods formed an all woman band called the Darlings in the late '80s, but then left the music industry. She now works as a lawyer in London. Guitarist Paul Foad remains an active musician, playing with Andy Hamilton and the Blue Notes, a Jamaican jazz band, and teaching guitar in and around Birmingham. He has also published a guitar technique book, co-written with Stuart Ritchie, titled The Caged Guitarist (2000). Bass player Jane Munro works as an alternative therapist (aromatherapy, reflexology and Indian head massage) in Birmingham. Pete Hammond also remains an active musician and teaches percussion in Birmingham. The band performed in 1980 for the concert film, Urgh! A Music War. "

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one Dave Lombok mailed me this:

I've done a bit of research to try and identify the venue as you seemed unsure. 
It's certainly in a German-speaking country as Leslie speaks German; before mid-June 1983 as NME wrote on 06/08/83 that Leslie had taken off "nearly two months ago". Having checked out all the gig info I could find on the Au Pairs, the probable dates and venue were Thursday 03 February 1983 – Saturday 05 February 1983, Frauenklang Festival 1983, The Arena, Vienna, Austria, A Women in Rock Festival featuring The Raincoats, Au Pairs, Malaria, Vera Kaa, Lilliput, Carambolage, Claudia Robot, The Bleeding Hurts.
By the way, the Au Pairs' "This Country" from the last gig would be reprised by Leslie and Dojoji as "Kiets Lorren"  on the Dojoji mini-LP.

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