Thursday, July 2, 2009

Neil & Richard & Simon & Stewart - Durian Durian (LP, Forced Exposure FE 033, 1992)

Probably my least favorite record with Richard Youngs, which he recorded with Neil (Campbell), Simon (Wickham-smith) and one Stewart (Walden). A highly chaotic and improvised music affair, but may you like it more than I do?



Anonymous said...

Yeah, this really sucks.

Anonymous said...

This probably is a bit of a long shot, and I should probably just email you, as I see your email on the home page, but here goes:

Do you know a Dutch one-man band, hometaper type called Plover? On Brinkman records in 1996 was released his CD called "To the South."

I have the CD "To the South" but prior to that was a 7" vinyl EP which had four songs and one of them appeared on the "To the South" CD, but in a much more raw (and better, in my opinion) form. That song is called "See You In Hell."

I was just wondering if you had this 7" EP, probably released in 1994, which you may be able to post sometime in the future?

I know it's a long shot, but I just thought I would ask.

Thanks a lot for everything you are doing here, providing our ears with great sounds most of us would never hear.

Take care.

433 RPM said...

nope, sorry, don't have that one, nor even ever heard (of) it


Anonymous said...

Well... I don't get why you have a problem with this one.

I actually liked it a lot.You almost made me decide not to download it, but since I liked all the previous Richard Youngs uploads you did, I decided not to pay too much attention to your negative review and give it a chance.

Thanks for uploading it! said...

hey just saw it... pretty funny but isn't 'durian durian' the record that was supposed to come out as a 2LP set, due to a problem or lack of money or can't recall was reduced to 1 and what they simply did was to mix the 2 LP together in one? in the way of what you hear is what you get?
nice LP

pallcast said...

yes, 'Durian Durian' is that very lp which was planned as split 2lp, and each participant was meant to record a side-long track, and due to some circumstances it was mixed together at forced exposure hq or somewhere. i don't have any notion of principle for that mixing and how those tracks were distributed on 4 sides, but i love how the thing sounds

Stewart Keith said...

Hello, I was the "Stewart" on this LP. The four of us originally each recorded a solo side, to be released as a double LP. Later Richard decided (or maybe it was a joint decision between him and Simon) to overdub all four sides without regard to each other (so they just begin at the same time, and that's it as far as synching anything).
That became Side One.
Then we each recorded a new 'side', to be overlayed in the same way and be Side Two. So Side Two was recorded in the knowledge that they'd all be overlayed, and side one when we thought it'd be four solo sides.
The terrible drumming and singing at the end is me. Sorry!

433 RPM said...

thanks for the insight!