Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Placebo 1 (tape, Art Brut 012, 1990)

Back home after a fine relaxing weekend, and still onto the compilations here. This one is from Austria, and has Prozess, Unanimous Anonymous, Maria Zerfall, Kapotte Muziek, Juryen, Tosjiyuki Hiraoka, Sorath, S.Core, PCR, Solanacaea Tau, Merz and Pacific 231.

Not for sale



Anonymous said...

hmm... don't know why but i seem to like all the audio plagio tracks by kapotte muziek... they all differ a bit in style but i think with a few exceptions they're much better as all the other tracks by k.m i ever heard...

433 RPM said...

maybe KM should spend time re-issuing that then on CDR? I agree lots of their older stuff is not for me either, with some exceptions. actually they still exist and play even 2 concerts this month: in belgium and russia and celebrate their 25th anniversary later this year