Friday, April 24, 2009

Many Dogs Are Dumb (tape, Tiny Dog, 1991)

As I will be gone with the wife for four days, I am giving you four posts at once and will return on tuesday. All four are compilations, and someone asked why so many included Kapotte Muziek: I borrowed them from their archives, like I borrowed other stuff from other people. That's why none of them is for sale. Ok, this one is from Sweden and has Cruel When Complete, Lester Palocsay, Plopp, Papaum + TV, DVA Met Dva Nichts, Enema & Gejonte, Synthetic Pirate, BDN, 4632402, D.S.I.P., DMDN/Post Destruction Music, Markus Schwill, Frak, Big City Orchestra, Hippies Back To India, Furry Couch. Limited edition of 70 copies

Not for sale.



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TY - you've got some pretty cool stuff here.

siys said...

Cool share!! Rare indeed!! I have number 14/70. I'm Pupaum on the compilation (it's mislabeled as Papaum).