Monday, April 20, 2009

Birds (tape, Audio Edition Ammerland AEA 6, 1987)

Along similar lines as yesterday's post here is 'Birds'. Its one of various compilations released by Audio Art Ammerland, the label from Klaus Groh. He had various thematic compilations and this is one. I don't have any others. Pieces flow into each other which makes it impossible to seperate these sides. You'll find among others, Luca Mitta, Nicola Frangione, Klaus Groh, Jupitter Larsen, Claus van Bebber, Frans de Waard, Mystery Hearsay and pretty much the others I never heard of or from. I moderated a comment, can't remember where, where someone asked me to upload the info on discogs. Well, no I can't. I have so much other things to do in life, and 433 is just a hobby, not a life project. The cover scans are usually complete, so if anyone likes typing, go ahead. Not for sale 

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Anonymous said...

This is one of my favorite albums now.

I love your site like you wouldn't believe. Keep up the great work!