Sunday, March 8, 2009

Bloc Operatoire Vol. 1 (tape, Medicinal Tapes, 1986)

A compilation from France with Absolute Body Control, Master Of The Ungentlemantly Art, Nails Ov Christ, Objection, Swinebolt 45, Minimata, ID 50, Kapotte Muziek, Pacific 231 & B. Wolff, Le Syndicat, Anathema, Zanoisect, Urbain Autopsy, ANKH, PD, Zidbolt Swinesect, Face In The Crowd, Stenka Bazin, Architects Office, Commando Bruno/Bog-Art, La Nomenklatur, Barry E. Pilcher/Urbain Autopsy, Paul Kelday and Zanstones.

Not for sale



Anonymous said...

v. interesting, thanks!!

Jared said...

anything else from Minimata? Can't seem to track down any info...