Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Maeror Tri - Subliminal Forces (tape, Tonspur tapes TT 38, 1991)

As promised a while ago, here's one of the very few releases by Maeror Tri on cassette, which have not been released on CD/CDR - at least I think so. The tracks are a bit unbalanced, with some being louder than others, but throughout it gives a fine impression of what they sounded like.



Anonymous said...

Thank you THANK you THANK YOU!!! I very very much appreciate you locating this to post. The only copy I've seen online (ebay) sold for an obscenely high price. In some ways it's criminal that the band doesn't get THAT kind of profit from their work, and Stefan (Knappe) doesn't seem to be interested in reissuing these archives himself. Thanks again & again for honoring my request.

Peter Tron said...

Thank you 433!

P.S:-did you get those other Omit links a while back [I uploaded them all on megaupload]. If not, I still have them.


António Caeiro said...

I have the old Tape: "Somnia et expergisci" from the

433 RPM said...

me too. you got it from slsk? i have the or9iginal and posted here already

António Caeiro said...

433 RPM: I have the original tape I bought a few years.

António Caeiro said...

Do you have Tapes from: Klimperei or Sebastian Gandera?
Nice projects to.

433 RPM said...

i was only teasing. nothing of klimperei and gandera here