Monday, March 30, 2009

Machines At Last (tape, Quick Stab prod 17, 19??)

Mainly one Robert Lawrence and Paul Shorthouse, who play a bunch of synthesizers, guitar, xylophone and such like. Dr. Freakowitz who submitted this, also has no clue about these people, whom could be spotted on some compilations too.

Not for sale



Andre said...

Robert Lawrence might also be known as being in 5XOD with MAP. New work (or should I say 'werk') seems to be planned for this year even! See

Medicijnman said...

Yep, 5XOD and the Dada Computer are other projects from Robert Lawrence. I have exchanged some cassettes with this guy. Thanks to Andre I have found a digital version of The Dada Computer on Mutant Sounds. That saves me time. Just go to his space to get the right link.

Jakob von Gunten said...

Many thanks for this! Great cassette. Yes, Mutant Sounds posted Robert Lawrence & Mark Phillips' The DadaComputer some time ago and it's just amazing. You may also want to check Robert Rental's Mental Detentions tape on Mutant Sounds too. Thanks again!


Anonymous said...

Robert Lawrence is a current member
Their music is available on studio-quality CD
And can be heard on MySpace
along with live show details Etc

Rob5X0D said...