Sunday, March 27, 2011

Start Swimming (LP, Stiff Records sink 1, 1981)

A live LP from a tour organised by Stiff Records with five US bands, The Bongos, Raybeats, The dB's, Bush Tetras and Fleshtones. Each band has two tracks. The whole thing was recorded at The Rainbow in London on 20t February 1981. Great post-punk, new wave music.

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Joe said...

I was at this gig! Badly attended, in the bloody freezing Rainbow in Finsbury Park, it was about the worst thing I've ever attended and spent money on. I'm not sure what I expected - maybe the new Television, Patti Smith or something, but it was awful. I kinda remember The Bush Tetras as not being too bad, all jungle drums and attitude, but the sub Ventures instrumental bands were dreadful. I may have expected something from the dBs, who I mght have heard of before, but they were nothing to remember either.

Of course I am now going to download this to see if my memory is playing tricks ... Thanks for posting.


Winslow said...

I wasn't at this gig, but I still have this LP, purchased back in the day - most probably at Sounds, upstairs on St. Mark's Place. I was a major fan of the Raybeats, whose albums I also have kept and shlepped.

P@ndora said...

Many thanks for this! However, (some of) the tracks are mislabeled: track 8 is Cold Turkey and not We Should Be In Bed...

Cheers anyway! P@ndora